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The time has come for fresh representation on Wauwatosa's Municipal bench.
Vote Krista LaFave on April 5.


I'm running for Wauwatosa Municipal Judge because I care about the future of Wauwatosa and ensuring fairness and justice at the municipal court level. Since making Wauwatosa my home, my focus has been on serving our community. I look forward to serving the community on the municipal bench.
As an attorney, I am passionate about increasing access to justice and resources, and that includes improving access to the municipal court and information for litigants. The best way to do that is to ensure that each person appearing in municipal court has the opportunity to be heard, just as they would have in circuit court.

I look forward to earning your support!

Krista LaFave

Why I'm Running

  • I care about the future of Wauwatosa and ensuring equal access to justice and resources for our community.

  • From the outset, I committed to running a positive campaign based on the issues that are relevant to Wauwatosa's municipal court and my own background and experience. Learn more about my campaign here

The Honorable Jennine Sonntag, municipal judge in Hales Corners, discusses her endorsement of Krista LaFave, including her experience and temperament to serve as Wauwatosa's municipal judge. 

What is the municipal court? Is it a court to handle criminal cases in Wauwatosa? 

Municipal courts were created by statute and ordinance to handle civil violations of certain statutes and ordinances. Approximately 85% of the cases are traffic. The municipal court does not hear criminal cases, only civil cases, and the fact is only a very small percentage (2.5%) of the cases in Wauwatosa municipal court involve juveniles. That said, these are important cases for impacting a young defendant and, as municipal judge, I will consider appropriate options in each case. This is an opportunity to intervene and assist a juvenile who may be struggling.


While reducing crime and proactively addressing juvenile offenses are important to our community, it is important to be clear about the impact the Wauwatosa municipal court can actually have on these issues and avoid scaring voters. What a county circuit court is able to order and what the municipal court can order are different.


It's important to understand what the municipal court actually is: a community-based court for civil violations of certain state statutes and municipal ordinances. My civil court experience and knowledge of the largest type of cases that comes before the court provides me with the unique background and expertise to serve as your next municipal court judge. I respectfully ask for your vote on April 5th.


Take Part in Something Great!

This solicitation of funds is made by the registered campaign committee “Friends of Krista LaFave,” not by Krista LaFave. Donations are not tax deductible. 

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