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My Campaign: A Reflection of My Values, Independence, and Judicial Temperament

I am dedicated to fairly meting out justice for all who come before the Wauwatosa Municipal Court. I commit to you that this is my highest priority. If a bright, well-researched candidate running a positive campaign with a deep dedication to serving our whole community sounds like the kind of person that you’d like as your municipal judge, I sincerely hope you will vote for me, Krista LaFave, on Tuesday, April 5.
When I decided to run for Wauwatosa municipal judge, I understood that this position impacts our entire community and beyond. I made a commitment to run a respectful, positive race based on the issues most relevant to the position. The municipal judge represents our whole city and all voters. I am not interested in disparaging other candidates, their supporters, or anyone. I have heard from many voters that they appreciate the positive nature of my campaign, and I want to thank them for that.
I am grateful to have deep community support. I am surrounded by a strong and growing group of volunteers who have helped me knock on doors, delivered and installed yard signs, shared my literature, and made phone calls. This robust, grassroots support has allowed me to run an independent campaign according to my values and without compromises or conflicts of interest.
As a lawyer and a candidate, I do my homework and I listen. I research before I make decisions. Our community expects its elected officials to be prepared, thoughtful, and deliberate. An essential part of running for office and serving as an elected official is doing the work, taking the time to gather all the facts, and understanding the impact of decisions before taking any action. This is especially true for the municipal judgeship and as Wauwatosa’s municipal judge, you can be confident I will do just that.

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about the race I’m running. I hope to earn your vote and am excited to serve as your next municipal judge! Please vote for Krista LaFave on April 5!

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